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Bench & Storage

AXIS Modular

Choose from four main stations and four auxiliary stations to custom build your perfect gym

AXIS is a modern collection of modular functional training stations that can be configured in a wide variety of ways to accommodate any space, budget, or exercise need

All AXIS Single Stations share the same modern and compact frame design

AXIS Main Stations can be set up in Single, Dual, or Tri configurations allowing the perfect amount of personal exercise space

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AXIS Personal

This personal sized Free Trainer has the quality and features of any full sized commercial machine

Customize your AFTS by adding: 

  • Full length curved steel weight stack enclosures

  • Unique accessory storage that organizes all of today's most popular workout tools

  • 150 or 200 lbs. weight stacks

Pair with an AXIS F.I.D. Bench to further expand the AFTS range of capabilities.


Benches & Accessories

The perfect complement to all AXIS equipment

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