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FUSION 3 Personal

Fus4 Complete rev (2).png

   FUSION 4 Modular


Perfect balance of traditional and functional training

batca fusion 4 ce modiular gym all stati

*Shown Fully Optioned With: FZ-1 Upper Body Unit, FZ-2 Cable Arms, FZ-3 Lower Body Unit, FZ-4 Leg Press, FZ-5 Functional Trainer



The most capable single stack ever

The Fusion 3 provides more exercises and functionality in less space. Experience the perfect blend of machine defined, user defined, and dumbbell exercises

Adherence to commercial design principles makes the Fusion 3 the most feature rich and highest quality personal gym available. A smart balance of fixed path and free cable exercise stations ensure an unsurpassed workout experience

The optional leg press with integrated bench converts leg press seat to a multi-purpose dumbbell/ab crunch bench

batca fusion 3 image 9.png
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