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Smith Trainer


Dual Series


Free Trainer



Make the most of your workouts

and space

Advanced engineering seamlessly blends two exercise stations into one beautiful and inviting space efficient machine

All stations are easy to use and follow the most natural exercise path while safely cradling the user with full body support

Blending the finest materials and the most cutting edges craftsmanship leads to an incredibly striking and solid machine with the smoothest of movements

LST With Model

LINK Smith Trainer

  Take your workout to the next level with the combination of Smith Bar and Olympic Bar training

Get the most out of your solo workouts with the safety of the LST's guided barbell system

Open rack design with safety spotters allow limitless olympic bar movements

On board plate and bar storage make racking and storing your weights convenient and organized


LINK Free Trainer

The most functional of all free

cable trainers

Experience limitless free cable training and total body stretching with the rock solid commercial frame design

Unique weight assisted chin up station encourages proper form and allows full sets of this exercise staple 

Bench docking station helps locate and stabilize FID bench during heavy weight exercises

LFT with Model
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